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your training

At e-doceo, we believe that in order to add value to your business, it is essential to provide your teams with technological solutions to increase their knowledge and skills that are often left untapped.

We are here to help you better train your employees according to their needs and your performance targets. In a nutshell, you can rely on e-doceo software to create value for your company. Our technological solutions are proven and know how to take on new forms in order to adapt and even anticipate your needs.

e-doceo guarantees to effectively and easily create and manage your educational material and optimize your training budget.

With e-doceo content manager,
you can:

LCMS - Learning Content Management System

training contents

Intelligently organize your blended learning training resources

The features of e-doceo content manager LCMS for managing learning material facilitates saving, organizing, and sharing your on-site training documents (PowerPoint slideshows, Word documents, lesson plans, etc.) and e-learning materials (learning units, rapid learning training modules, tutorials, etc.).

- Secure your data with the cloud
- Review, comment, and pool training materials
- Reuse your media

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Create on-site
training kits

Maximize the impact of your on-site training

With e-doceo content manager, you will optimize your on-site training, strengthen your educational efficiency, and successfully distribute your training on both a national and international scale.

- Create lesson plans
- Design educational guides
- Organize educational games

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e-doceo content manager
Création et gestion de formation e-learning

Create rapid learning

Design your training in just a few clicks

Rapid learning features of e-doceo content manager offer designers the possibility to quickly create quality distance training.

- With TvLearn®, discover a new way to train
- Create a tutorial or movie in just a few clicks
- Convert your PowerPoint slideshows into distance training
- Post your training videos

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Create scenario-based
e-learning contents

Count on simple and powerful e-learning production features

Scenario-based e-learning content programming features make designing distant training and publishing learning material easier. Your learners benefit from dynamic learning contents including transmissive phases of active discovery and interactive exercises.

- Simply create your e-training contents
- A solution that adapts to your employee profiles
- Manage large international multilingual projects
- Organize your contents
- Simplify life by using templates
- Serious game!

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LCMS - Learning Content Management System
e-doceo content manager

your training projects

Rely on a specialized solution for managing design teams and mass production

e-doceo content manager solution contains powerful features for managing teams dedicated to training production: you supervise and direct each player involved in your educational projects.

- Make managing international projects easier
- Industrialize your training production
- Optimize your production budget

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