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Jérôme Bruet

General Manager

e-doceo Headquarters & France

JérômeBruet began his career teaching in the field of multidisciplinary education and then specialized in distance training, before going on to lead the development of a number of multimedia projects for publishing houses.

In 2002, he founded and took the helm of e-doceo, which, 10 years later, would become a leader in software and services dedicated to blended learning (on-site and distance training).

Morgane Vlasselaer

General Manager

e-doceo Belgium

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Communication, Morgane Vlasselaer began her career as a CRM at Arkadin, where she quickly rose through the ranks to team manager, thanks to her enthusiasm for management.

Over the next five years, she expanded her knowledge as a sales representative working with InterCall’s key Belgian and multinational accounts.

At the young age of 27, her passion for management and teaching inspired her to take up a new challenge: assuming the leadership of e-doceo Belgium, with the goals of enlarging the team and making e-doceo the #1 digital learning supplier in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.

Marcio Mattos

General Manager

e-doceo Brazil

For more than 15 years, Marcio Mattos has occupied very high-level positions at IT and telecoms organizations. While based in the United States for a few years, he contributed to the success of a number of companies, including Lotus Development. When he became Vice-President for Latin America, he managed more than 400 employees in 10 different countries and was still able to hit his sales targets, year after year.

In the early 2000s, Marcio Mattos returned to his native Brazil to assume the leadership of the local entities owned by BMC Software (IT infrastructure management software) and then those of Avaya (corporate communications), where he was awarded the prize for Global Manager of the Year in 2005. More recently, he has held seats on the advisory boards of a number of companies involved in human resource management and is in charge of Saba’s business development throughout Latin America.

Since October 2013, he has stepped up to a new challenge, as General Manager of e-doceo’s new organization in Brazil, with the aim of making the firm the country’s leader in digital learning.

Hugues Foltz

General Manager

e-doceo e-doceo Canada

At the age of 22, anticipating a growing need for online training on the Canadian market, Hugues Foltz founded Ellicom in 2002, a company that offers interactive and customized training programs for public and private enterprises.

Hugues Foltz joined the e-doceo network in 2006, as the General Manager for Canada. As a key figure in his domain, he now employs more than 90 passionate team members with the capacity to fulfill the most ambitious of training projects.

Sandro Jimenez

General Manager

e-doceo Colombia

Sandro Jiménez is an entrepreneur and social innovator with more than 20 years of professional experience.

He also works as a consultant and has spoken at various summits and other international events in North America, Latin America and Africa. He boasts 10 years in information technology integration, 15 years in applied research into social development processes, and extensive experience in the fields of project design, international resource management, researcher training and knowledge management.
For the past five years, he has been developing recommendations and support for institutional assessment processes, the systematization of experience, and the creation of knowledge communities and digital inclusion, always heavily based on ICTs and with a strong emphasis on collaborative work.

Then, in 2014, he created his company AcademyTIC, which is dedicated to a combination of digital learning and knowledge management. This year, in 2016, Sandro Jiménez is joining the e-doceo network as the Country Manager for Colombia. His mission will be to make the company a key player on the Colombian digital learning market.

Holger Ruhfus

General Manager

e-doceo Germany

As the Manager of Krankikom since 1997, he offered website and web app development at a time when the Internet was only in its infancy.

Today, the company has become one of the most successful in its domain, expanding its competencies to the production of customized e-learning courses and e-assessment applications.

In 2012, HolgerRuhfus inaugurated e-doceo Germany, equipping the new firm with all of the tools it would need to become a key player on the German digital learning market.

e-doceo manager

Brüno Dartigues

General Manager

e-doceo Italy

After cutting his teeth, first in HR and then in (e)HR systems implementation, Bruno Dartigues returned to his two passions, teaching and technology.

He embarked on that path as a project manager and e-learning and blended learning consultant, then took over management of e-doceo in Belgium, which has since become a major player in digital learning in the country.

Astrid Bauwens

General Manager

e-doceo Indian Ocean

After earning a Masters degree in Educational Engineering and gaining successful experience as an e-doceo Project Manager, Astrid Bauwens settled in Mauritius, her native country, in 2008, with the idea of creating her own company and sharing her new expertise on the local marketplace. She created E-next, which quickly took off.

Two years later, she opened an e-doceo subsidiary for the Indian Ocean, supplying e-learning production services to various European clients.

In the last four years, e-doceo Indian Ocean has contributed significantly to the development of online training in Mauritius, Reunion Island and Madagascar,with clients the likes of Mauritius Telecom, Blanche Birger, GML, Attitude Resorts, Terra, IBL, and more.

Nancy Palacios

General Manager

e-doceo Mexico

To provide technological solutions with a focus on online training and digital learning, nancy Palacios opened e-doceo’s Mexican branch in 2006. This has allowed her to fulfill the needs of all types of structures engaged in training, more specifically in the private sector, which is developing rapidly in Mexico.

Patrice Weisz

General Manager

e-doceo Sénégal

Chow Teng Mun

General Manager

e-doceo Singapore

Chow Teng Mun brings with him over 25 years of experience in IT related industry in regional business management, information technology operations, and supply chain management and senior management roles for market leaders and multinational corporations.

He has strong domain knowledge in various vertical industries including ebusiness services, finance, education, government and manufacturing. His experience includes systems integration and solution management in large corporate customers.

Mr. Chow held executive positions at Intel, Microsoft, Moduslink and John Wiley & Sons. Mr. Chow graduated from the University of Alberta, Canada with a major in Computer Science and Mathematic.

My goal for e-Doceo is to expand its product platform and solutions to Asia countries through direct sales and partnership with qualified enterprises. I wanted to continue to grow e-Doceo brand by participating in events and continuous digital and social marketing. The vision is to enable e-Doceo to be the top elearning solution providers in Asia!

Patricia Lopez

Sales Manager

e-doceo Spain

After studying communications and public relations, Patricia Lopez began her career with Nestlé in 2006, as a member of the Social Responsibility Department.

Two years later, she joined the start-up Geomanaging, a firm in charge of Panasonic’s marketing and training actions. In 2009, the company joined the e-doceo network, and Patricia Lopez naturally came to mind to fill the position of E-Learning Account Manager.

Patricia continues to contribute to the development and reputation of e-doceo, which quickly became the #1 digital learning supplier in Spain. In late 2012, she was named the company’s Sales Director.

e-doceo manager

Allan Nygaard

General Manager

e-doceo Nordics

After having studied sociology and economics, Allan Nygaard began his career in the hotel industry in one of the largest and most extensive hotel businesses in the Nordics. Here he took an interest in listening to and understanding client needs, which eventually led him on to a long and successful career working with sales.

After a successful journey in the hotel industry, Allan was offered a position as Sales Director at JP/Politikens Hus, where he managed sales activities and the sales staff. After 8 years at JP/Politikens Hus Allan entered the recruitment industry at Stepstone as a Sales Executive.

In 2015, Allan embarked on a new adventure as an Executive Business Developer at Talentsoft in Copenhagen. From here, Allan worked on creating a base for the Nordic region and growing the business, which today, has expanded to having offices in both Denmark and Sweden.

Allan now holds the position of Nordic Regional Director and is involved in all aspects of the business in Talentsoft and e-doceo Nordic.

Olivier Poletti

General Manager

e-doceo Switzerland

An experienced teacher, Olivier Poletti is a longstanding entrepreneur in innovative training services. After creating a training center for mediamaticians (experts in both IT and communications), followed by an e-learning production studio, he launched e-doceo Switzerland in 2006, an organization that now has solid roots in the country.