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Talentsoft Learning continues its growth in France and abroad

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Talentsoft Learning – a leader among e-learning software vendors in France and a major player abroad – announces its results for 2015. 

Key Figures

  • Worldwide consolidated figures: +12% (roughly €8M)
  • 25% of turnover outside native market
  • Operating margin on the rise, up 54% with an average rise of 45% over the past three years
  • Staff: +8% = 129 employees
  • Increased order book: +28%
  • Activities: SaaS subscriptions driving growth with a 77% increase
  • 1,200 clients
  • 172 new clients abroad

A real novelty in the sector, the company is 100% owned by its original shareholders, under a self-financing policy that has been made possible by the company’s profitability.

Key events

Continued implementation of organic growth: 


- Growth from key accounts represents 57% of total turnover; strong growth in sales from international companies this past year.

- Sales with training organizations likewise strongly on the rise, accounting for 24% of turnover.

Products and services

 - Subscriptions on the rise: Talentsoft Learning’s cloud solution includes content creation functionalities for digital learning (LCMS functionalities), as well as distribution (LMS) functionalities.

- Release of LMS version 6: Winning many new customers, but also offering a high-level solution with regard to the growing demand for MOOCs.

- SkillCatch: Commercial launch in the last quarter of the fiscal year. SkillCatch is an application, linked to its platform, that enables the production of video sequences dedicated to knowledge transfers, with tools developed specifically for teaching and editing, with no prior technical know-how required. This application is expected to drive sales over the course of the year to come. With more than 2,500 active users in the space of just a few months, the company has revised its estimations upwards. 

- The Brazilian structure, which opened in October 2013, is becoming one of the group’s figureheads: a local market driven both by its technological appetite and its budgetary and geographic constraints, which take full advantage of the options afforded by digital and distance learning.

- In 2015, the company continued its international expansion with the conquest of a new market - Asia - involving the creation of two new facilities, in Singapore and Hong Kong. This strategic operation allowed the France-based company to fulfill a portion of its ambitions to develop internationally and expand its scope of action, namely with regard to China.


Jérôme Bruet, Talentsoft Learning Managing Director: “In 2015, Talentsoft Learning confirmed its role as a top‑tier global company in the field of digital learning. Our results, like our research and innovation, testify to the dynamic professionalism of all of our teams. And we will continue along the same lines in 2016, offering new product innovations and opening new facilities abroad.”