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Talentsoft Learning continues its international development with new offices in Senegal

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Talentsoft Learning, the software vendor dedicated to distance training, announces the opening of a new establishment in Senegal, one of the most dynamic e-learning markets today.

Senegal, the future El Dorado of ICTs in the service of training

At a time when African economic growth is expected to exceed 5% through 2016, online training and teaching are inspiring ever-increasing foreign investments. E-learning offers solutions that are particularly well-suited to the educational issues of African countries (unequal access, insufficient infrastructure, shortage of trainers and teachers, etc.).

It is with that in mind that Talentsoft Learning decided to open its first site in Senegal, the country with the strongest growth rate in all of Africa. Jérôme Bruet, the company’s Managing Director, explains: “Digital learning is an important lever for the development of African countries like Senegal. The combination of education and technology represents a major solution to the logistical and geographic constraints of training in West Africa.

Conquering West Africa through Dakar

Senegal has formally defined a national ICT (information and communication technology) policy and recognized the potential for economic development and modernization that such technologies can bring to the country. So it was only natural for Talentsoft Learning to choose its capital, Dakar, to establish a foothold for conquering the digital learning market in West Africa.

Patrice Weisz, who boasts 25 years’ experience as both a consultant and leader of multimedia content production companies, as well as excellent knowledge of the market in this part of Africa, has become the new General Manager of Talentsoft Learning Senegal. The challenge is a bold one: to speed up the remodeling of Senegal’s digital landscape and to make Talentsoft Learning one of the first digital learning suppliers in the region, all in the decade to come. 

This location in West Africa is essential to ensuring our company’s future growth and to participating in making training more accessible. In fact, our primary intention is to achieve fair access to quality training by coordinating the unique aspects of learning and digital technologies in each country where we operate,” reports Jérôme Bruet.

With these new offices, the French company has proven that it is ready and willing to take up the e-learning challenge in developing countries with complex economic and social configurations. Talentsoft Learning now counts close to 6 million users around the world and plans to raise that figure even higher, thanks to this new market.